Flamelessly Electromechanical plant

ZAO "Flamelessly Electromechanical plant"is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of metal constructions for power lines for over 60 years. The company produces safe and quality products for power lines, which in turn will provide us with energy from day to day.

That offers Flamelessly Electromechanical plant?

The catalogue presents all sorts of designs for the construction of power lines, from small to huge, including:

The plant's products are known for its high quality, because all products are thoroughly checked for compliance with standards and safety regulations. The manufacturer knows his job and is solely responsible for the safety of their products, because we are talking about the different buildings and fixtures, which not only guarantee high-quality transmission, but also responsible for the health and lives of people that may be around.

Why choose JSC "Flamelessly Electromechanical plant"

Vast experience the company has ensured its undeniable advantages and authority.

All constructions are made of materials of the manufacturer, will withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions, from hot summers to severe winters or rainy autumn.

Also about the high level of work is indicated by numerous diplomas and certificates, which the plant has received during its activities.

The company is an official partner of such organizations as "the South Ural insulator company", "Electroporcelain" and others.

On the factory site You will find all additional information, learn production location and phone calling to the catthe fact that you can specify all interest InAC issues.

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