Today it is impossible to imagine our life without electricity, the high requirements are imposed on the electricity quality, not all electrical equipment manufacturers can satisfy these high quality standards.

ServisMontazhIntegratsiya LLC has been working in the field of production of technical solutions for the power supply distribution and automation since 2003. The company has the license and certificate allows to produce and sell SIVACON (8PT and S8) and SIMOPRIME switchgears. The efficiency of our work has been awarded repeatedly at a high level:

Certificate SIMOPRIME Technjljgy Partner
Сертификат SIVACON Technology Partner
Solution Partner Certificate

Since 2005 our company is the official partner of “Digital…” (DF &PD) and “energy Management” (Energy Management) Departments of Siemens AG


In September 2008, the results of our activities, the company was awarded a Gold technology partner of SIEMENS AG on technology SIVACON.


In 2010, the company became a partner of SIEMENS for the program "Siemens Solution Partner", Department "Industrial automation and drives Technology" (IA&DT).

The company today The company today

At the moment, Servismontazhintegratsiya LLC is one of the largest companies of its sector, is firmly holding its positions on the Russian market. The company's branches operate in many cities of Russia: Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Izhevsk, Saratov, Sterlitamak, Rostov-on-don, Irkutsk, Omsk, and Vladivostok.

in the electricity market
sq. m.
the total production area
equipment in year
completed projects

The company has a certified integrated management system (IMS) that includes three components: quality management environmental management, management of occupational health and safety. We regularly undergo training in SIEMENS, get acquainted with new products and systems company, so have high competence in the production and testing of technical solutions.

The main directions of our work: directions

  • Manufacture and sale of switching equipment low and medium voltage;
  • Engineering, automation and integration of the devices of power supply enterprises in the industrial sector;
  • Complex supply of electrical equipment and control systems of SIEMENS.
  • Development and implementation of software and systems ACS e, AMR, APCS and ADCS of high complexity;
  • Installation, implementation and maintenance of high voltage equipment SIEMENS (circuit breakers and disconnectors);
  • Testing electrical installations and equipment with voltage up to 220 kV;
  • Maintenance service for SIEMENS circuit-breakers: 3AH3, 3AH4, 3AH5, 3AE1(SION), 3AE5(SION M), 3WL, 3WA and 3WT8;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of our equipment;
  • Energy audit of objects, preparation of technical reports with recommendations for improvement and optimization of energy use;
  • Create individual technical solutions according to customer needs.

The range of electrical equipment: Equipment

  • Main switchboards (MSB);
  • And low-voltage complete switchgear of SIVACON series;
  • Switchgear for primary and secondary networks up to 40,5 kV;
  • High voltage devices and equipment;
  • Motor Assembly, MCC - Motor Control centers SIVACON;
  • Installation of reactive power compensation ukrm (MRC) 0,4 and 6-10 kV;
  • System automation and software control station equipment;
  • Shields control and measuring devices and power management;
  • Water-distribution devices;
  • Information and analytical equipment;
  • Cabinets control current control.
High build quality and durability of our equipment allow us to compete not only in Russia but also in the foreign market. All products are fully certified in accordance with the regulations of the state standard and has a manufacturer's warranty.

Milestones Milestones

Поступление запроса
01 Поступление запроса

The request

Назначение руководителя проекта
02 Назначение руководителя проекта

The appointment of a project Manager

Предложение технических решений
03 Предложение технических решений

Offer technical solutions

Подготовка коммерческого предложения
04 Подготовка коммерческого предложения

Preparation of commercial proposals

Заключение договора
05 Заключение договора

The conclusion of the contract

Изготовление оборудования
06 Изготовление оборудования

Manufacture of the equipment

Приемо-сдаточные испытания. Упаковка
07 Приемо-сдаточные испытания. Упаковка

Acceptance tests. Packaging

Доставка оборудования
08 Доставка оборудования

Delivery of equipment

Подписание актов выполненных работ
09 Подписание актов выполненных работ

The signing of acts performed works

Гарантийное и послегарантийное обслуживание
10 Гарантийное и послегарантийное обслуживание

Warranty and post-warranty service

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