AMADA HFE 3i 1003
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OOO ServisMontazhIntegratsiya has production facilities, allowing up to 3000 units of annual manufacture. One of the advantages of OOO ServisMontazhIntegratsiya our own metal workshop equipped in a most modern way which allows to substantially cut production costs.

The metal parts workshop has up-to-date highly efficient equipment. The workshop is designed to produce switchgear enclosures from up to 3 mm thick and 3 m long sheet metal and other metal ware.

The workshop consists of the following equipment and areas:

  1. TruPunch 1000 (medium format) and TruPunch 3000 (medium format) punching machines allow cutting items of virtually any geometry from sheet material and make forming operations (cold pressure welding, countersinking, Z-bending ... etc.) ensuring very high strength.
  2. AMADA CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with the capacity to bend sheet metal up to 3m long.
  3. AMADA CNC Hydraulic Shears with the capacity to cut sheet metal up to 6 mm thick and up to 3m long.
  4. Semi-automatic argon arc welding line.
  5. AMADA laser cutting machine with the capacity to process up to 10 mm thick sheet metal.
  6. Copper bus processing area, equipped with:
  • Holecut Professional Punching machine – allows processing (punching out) copper and aluminium bars up to 16mm thick and 200m wide.
  • EB 30 Professional bending machine – allows bending copper and aluminium bars up to 160 mm wide and 20 mm thick.
  1. Polymeric powder coating booth with the capacity to coat metal components up to 3m long.

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