Performance Leaders

"Productivity leaders" educational program experts visited «ServisMontazhIntegratsiya» LLC in order to monitor the implementation realization of labor productivity increasement practices. «ServisMontazhIntegratsiya» LLC team told about the "Increasing labor productivity through production processes standardization and staff motivation" project progress.

"Productivity leaders" educational program was created on the basis of the Foreign Trade All-Russian Academy in partnership with the country's leading business schools. Over the course of five months, program participants develop key business competencies for managers, master skills in strategic planning, marketing, study production and personnel management tools and also develop improvement projects for their enterprises. Practically «ServisMontazhIntegratsiya» LLC key divisions heads have been trained on the ‘ЛидерыПро’ (LeadersPro) program. In 2019, during 2nd  training module, "«ServisMontazhIntegratsiya» LLC labor productivity increasement through production processes standardization and staff motivation increasement" project was successfully defended. The project team implemented the roadmap measures in full within the prescribed period.»

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