Visit to Vestas Manufacturing Rus LLC, Ulyanovsk

Dinar Vildanov, Deputy Director of our company, paid an official visit to Vestas Manufacturing Rus LLC, Ulyanovsk. Localized production of composite wind turbine blades has no equivalents in the Russian Federation. Each blade is 62 meters long and weighs 12.5 tons.

Today our products are used in various sectors of the fuel and energy industry, including construction of wind farms. In particular, our company has been contractor of OOO Vestas RUS, working at Ulyanovsk wind farm-2,  Kamensko-Krasnosulinskaya wind farm (Severnaya and Yuzhnaya) and Gukovskaya wind farm. Our company supplied equipment to these facilities - SOTI ASSO automation cabinets, distribution cabinets, combined instrument transformers, cabling products, and also performed installation and commissioning. In total works were carried out on 92 turbines.

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