Control cabinets operational current (SWAT)

Wardrobe management operational current (SWAT) intended for reception of electric energy of alternating current from one, two or more independent sources, convert it into electrical energy direct current and further distribution of it among consumers.

Power consumers DC provided from the rectifier (battery charging) devices, and in the case of the disappearance of voltage at the input of the AC - rechargeable batteries.

SHOOT used for electric transformer substations, switchgears for power supply circuits of relay protection, automation and control switches.

The most important consumers are: the control system contactor and microprocessor technology, actuators and control systems, control and measuring devices.

System DC power supply series HVR, ideal for power systems transformer substations. In developing the series were taken into account all of the company's extensive experience in building technical systems that meet the refined requirements, and resolution of service issues, making HVR optimal to meet the needs of the customer.



SHOOT focused on consumers in the production process which plays an important role in the continuity of power supply of technological processes. Cabinets SWOT can be used in networks of single-phase and three-phase alternating current with voltage 220 and 380V, 50Hz, with earthed neutral.

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The name of the parameter

The value of the parameter

Input voltage AC

380V +/-15%


50Hz +/- u%

Output current


The battery capacity

10Ah~3000 Ah

Rated output voltage


The output voltage range

198В~286В/99V~143B with a continuously variable

Output current limiting

rated current x (10%~105%)

Dynamic characteristic

recovery time with 20% load to 80%
load <200мкс, excess < +/- 5%


>95% (one-module systems)

Insulation resistance

>20 MO

Dielectric strength

output to grounding, input to grounding, input to
output without sparking for 1 minute at
2.5 kV AC

Relative humidity


Installation height


Seismic resistance


The air temperature

TT -10°C/ max +40°C


natural cooling <40 dB, ventilation <55 dB (outside Cabinet)

Level 1P


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  • Series HVR is intellectual and high-frequency systems DC power of the new generation based on new advanced technologies. It is based on the use of patented technology, specifically designed for the creation of four control lines and information gathering. The HVR have the advantages of high efficiency and reliability combined with high power density, small size, low weight and possibility of remote monitoring and management. The system is available with standard options 220V, 110V, 48V, which offers a number of additional options. The process of charging the rechargeable battery (battery) fully complies with the requirements of the lead-acid and Nickel-cadmium batteries, the control is carried out with a special intelligent system manage battery charge. The monitors feature a standard interface RS-232/485 and a number of communication protocols. Due to flexible configuration, the monitoring system can be combined with automatic control system of technological processes (ACSTP) of the substation and implement the collection and processing of information with data transmission system status, control output parameters and remote control capability that allows you to use the system without the presence of operating personnel.
  • In the series system there is a possibility of building systems with parallel connection, N+1 redundant, hot-swappable (for safety's sake, avoid replacement with load) and flexibility, which, combined with remote monitoring and control makes the power system more secure and stable.
  • The system is equipped with intelligent monitoring system, LCD display, visual and audible alarms, as well as the event log, which stores the event data in the event of a power failure.
  • Switching between inputs AC current and start charging the device occurs smoothly due to the built-in protection against modification of the phase rotation and delay.
  • Control systems, battery charge allows you to monitor the voltage at the terminals, current charge/discharge testing capacity (Ah) preserving the results, to carry out automatic stabilization and recharge, to initiate the regular stabilization of the battery.
  • A function of temperature regulation allows you to configure the temperature compensation depending on the type and parameters of the batteries, extending the battery life.
  • Efficiency at full load > 95%; use the technology of passive power factor correction, power factor at full load > 0,92.
  • Voltage ≤ +/-1%; voltage regulation ≤ +/-0,5%; the ripple factor ≤ +/- 0,5%.

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