Low-voltage complete devices series SPASSK-89

Low-voltage device (LVD) SPASSK-89 for currents up to 5000A is a panel of unilateral and bilateral service in metal cases with a fixed or withdrawable circuit breakers with air-insulated. NKU SPASSK-89 used as shields switchgear with voltage of 0.4 kV (RU-0.4 kV) substations, main switchboards (MSB) of industrial buildings, control panels motor loads.

NKU SPASSK-89 is suitable for power distribution of three-phase AC voltage up to 690V and 50 Hz in networks with isolated or grounded neutral protection against overload and short circuit protection, automatic input of a reserve (AVR), and also for control, measuring and signaling.

Low-voltage complete devices SPASSK-89 - economical, practical, standard solution for industry with continuous technological processes, administrative and civil purposes.

Modular technology of the device allows to optimally adapt the installation SPASSK-89 under the requirements of the customer.

The use of high quality switchgear ensures reliable operation and increases the service life of equipment and ensures the safety of staff. New technology roll-out elements based on the principle of "clamping, not cutting contact of the blades in the tyre" eliminates contact wear.


NKU type SPASSK-89 are used as:

  • shields motor control (MCC panel);
  • main and auxiliary switchboards (panels, introductory and sectional);
  • panels universal mounting.

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Main technical characteristics

Regulatory framework

GCC passed all the standard tests (tested LVCD)

GOST R 51321.1-2000 IEC 60439-1

DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 part 500)

Test the localization ability of the arc short circuit

МЭК61641. VDE 0660, part 500, Appendix 2

(Ue up to 440 V, lcw up to 50 kA, t = 100 MS)

Protection against electric shock

DIN EN 50274, VDE 0660 part 514


Rated insulation voltage

Main circuit


The valueinoe working voltage

Main circuit

up to 690 V

Air gaps and leakage paths

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp

8 kV / 12 kV

Overvoltage category


Pollution degree


Internal division

Types 1 to 4

IEC 60439-1, part 7.7, VDE 0660 part 500, 7.7

Surface treatment

(Coverska in accordance with DIN 43656)

Details of frame

Hot-dip galvanizing


Powder coating

The side walls

Powder coating

Rear wall, cover

Hot-dip galvanizing

Vent cover

Powder coating

Standard color powder coating (a paint layer thickness 100 ± 25 µm)</

RAL 7035, light grey>

Degree of protection of IP

According to IEC 60529, EN 60529



Preferred dimensions according to DIN 41488

Height (without base)

2000, 2200, 2300 mm


400, 600, 650, 800, 1000, 1200 mm

Depth (single-row installation)

600, 800, 1000 mm

Depth (two-row installation)

1200 mm

The busbars (3 - and 4-pole)

The main busbars horizontal

Rated current

to 5000 And

ertical-align: inherit;">withstand

up to 220 kA

Thermal resistance

up to 100 kA

The busbars vertical sections with circuit breakers

Busbars vertical for universal and fixed partitions mounting

Rated current

to 5000 And


up to 220 kA

Thermal resistance

up to 100 kA

Rated current

up to 1600 A


ertical-align: inherit;">resistance

up to 143 kA

Thermal resistance

up to 63 kA

Vertical busbars for sections with LWRSS (fixed)

Rated current

up to 1600 A

Rated conditional short-circuit current

50 kA

Vertical busbars for sections with LWRSS (ground)

Rated current

up to 2100 And



up to 110 kA

Thermal resistance

50 kA

The nominal current of the devices

align: inherit;">Machines

to 5000 And

Cable assemblies

up to 630 A

download-arrowОпросный лист (pdf, 674 кб.)
  • Perfect industrial design for the integration of the GCC in modern engineering solutions.
  • Unilateral and bilateral services.
  • Combining different methods of installation in one section.
  • Flexible coordination of internal separation to individual requirements of the customer.
  • Standard tested position busbar system for currents up to 5000 A.
  • Nominal shock current up to 220 kA.
  • Standard full-size and small (½ and¼) of the model modules.
  • Test and disconnected state when the door is closed with the compliance degree of protection up to IP54.
  • Deep compartment equipment for universal installation.
  • Maximum safety for personnel due to the sustained arc short circuit design.
  • The ability to connect cables and tires, top, bottom or rear.

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