Digitalization of Facilities and Systems

Information Analysis and Control Systems department of OOO ServisMontazhIntegratsiya provides a full range of services in developing automation systems for a broad spectrum of industrial plants including all control levels, such as relay protection and local automation systems for process and power plants and units, Process Control Systems, Automated Control Systems for power generation, automation systems for process and industrial facilities, information analysis system, MES-systems as well as integrating systems designed to bond separate sub-systems into a unified production management complex.

These services include following activities:

  • Audit of the software and hardware solutions used for production management.
  • Formulation of development concept for production and process management systems.
  • Pre-design studies and development of a system technical requirements.
  • Development of performance specification.
  • Development of design specification.
  • Development of application software.
  • Delivery of components and assembly of control cubicles and operator panels.
  • Installation, installation supervision and commissioning of automation systems.
  • Integrated testing and commissioning of systems for trial operation.
  • Training of customer’s operating and maintenance personnel.
  • Commissioning of systems for commercial operation.
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
  • Supply of spare parts, tools and accessories

In our projects we use equipment manufactured by international leaders in industrial automation, such as Siemens, Ritall, Moxa, Cisco, HP, Phoenix Contact etc. Depending on reliability requirements addressed to the systems which we create, their functional content and the project budget for software development, we use controller programming tools, such as TIA PORTAL, Step7, Digsi, Toolbox II. Sicam Device Manger, SCADA systems Sicam SCC, WinCC, InTouch, TraceMode, Genesis, database management systems MS SQL, Oracle, substation operational control system SICAM PAS.

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