Analytical and control systems

Department is information-analytical and managing systems (IAUS), OOO "Servismontazhintegratsiya" provides a full range of services on creation of automation systems for a wide range of industrial enterprises, including all levels of management, such as systems of relay protection and local automation of technological and energetic installations and units, the automated control systems of technological processes (ACSTP), the automated control systems (management information system) and control energy management systems technological and industrial objects, information-analytical system (IAS), MES-system, as well as integrating systems for the integration of different subsystems into a single complex production management.

Among these services includes the following activities:

  • Audit applied software and hardware solutions in production management
  • The development of the concept of production management systems and technology
  • processes
  • The pre-project surveys and development of technical system requirements
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Development of project documentation
  • Development of application software
  • Components procurement and Assembly of control cabinets, operator panels
  • Installation, erection and commissioning of automation systems
  • Conduct comprehensive testing and putting the system into trial operation
  • Training of operating and maintenance personnel of the customer
  • Putting the system into commercial operation
  • Warranty services
  • Supply of spare parts
In our projects we use the equipment of the companies - world leaders in industrial automation such as Siemens, Ritall, Moxa, Cisco, HP, Phoenix Contact, etc. depending on the reliability requirements of established systems, their functional content and the project budget for the development programa lot of provide uses the tools of programming of controllers, such as Step7, Digsi, Toolbox II, SCADA-systems WinCC, InTouch, TraceMode, Genesis of a control system of databases MS SQL, Oracle, operational management system substation SICAM PASS, the system for managing the generation, transmission, distribution of energy, marketing and manufacturing energy Spectrum PowerCC.

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