Switchgear medium voltage GUDIRA-5110

Crewe GUDIRA-5110 is a switchgear with drawout element, with the selected compartments in a metal case with air isolation to ensure containment of the arc short circuit.

Designed for use in industrial power and distribution networks of electric energy of three-phase AC with frequency 50 Hz and maximum operating voltage up to 17.5 kV.

Through the use of modern switching equipment, and a number of design solutions achieved high reliability and safety of the switchgear.

Use in the construction of steel sheet with aluminum-zinc coating, and painting of doors, external doors and panels cell by a powder method provides excellent protection against corrosion.


Switchgear GUDIRA-5110 tested in all-Russian Electrotechnical Institute and have a certificate of performance parameters and admitting them for use in electrical networks, power plants, energy and industrial companies, and other organizations generating, transmitting or using electricity

Possible configuration options

The universal design of our cabinets is designed specifically to adapt to any components of any manufacturer.

GUDIRA-5110 configuration options

Download files

download-arrowБуклет GUDIRA-5110 (pdf, 2801 кб.)

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7.2/12 kV

6/10 kV


32/42 kV

60/75 kV

630 A 1000 A 1250 A 2000 A 2500 A 3150 A

up to 31.5kA

up to 81 kA

up to 31.5 kA


Certificate of conformity No. 1928970 Declaration of conformity No. Р0СС ШГ42.Д00096


Maximum operating voltage

Rated voltage

Rated mains frequency

One minute power frequency test voltage

Lightning impulse test voltage (1.2/50 µs)

Rated current of the main circuits

Thermal current (1 and 3 s.)

Electrodynamic withstand current

Internal arc resistance

Degree of protection with closed doors according to GOST 1Sh

Overall dimensions*


650:800:1000 mm


1340 mm


2200 mm**


* - without external fences, panels, doors

** - for enlarged HV compartment +300 mm

download-arrowDATA SHEET (pdf, 284 кб.)
download-arrowОпросный лист (pdf, 371 кб.)

Advantages and distinctive features

The safety of personnel

  • All switching operations including emergency manual switching is possible only when the doors are closed high-voltage compartment and switch compartment
  • Mechanical lock between the door compartment and high-voltage switching apparatus
  • The application of vacuum circuit breakers SION, SIEMENS; BB/TEL Tavrida Electric; VD4,VMax, ABB
  • The possibility of maintenance operations without disrupting the normal operation of neighboring cells due to the metal earthed protective curtains and dividing walls
  • Switchgear GUDIRA-5110 complies with the requirements of norms of GOST 14693-90, IEC 62271-200 for the protection of personnel from accidental contact with live and moving parts and protection of equipment against penetration of foreign bodies and splash at the specified design level of protection, namely a metal outer casing – IP31; partitioning into compartments IP 2X


  • Switchgear prefabricated, since the model (standard) tests according to IEC 62271-200
  • Model (standard) test switch, mounted in the cell
  • The use of standard components available worldwide
  • The quality assurance system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

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