MV Power Factor Correction Units (MV PFC)

Adjustable Power Factor Correction (PFC) units for 6 kV and 10 kV voltage, 50Hz frequency, 150 to 10 000 kVAr capacity are designed to increase the power factor value (cos φ) in electrical distributing 3-phase networks during fluctuations of reactive power in industrial plants and other facilities.

The need for higher harmonic filters in capacitor units is dictated by the nature of the consumers with which the capacitor unit is installed. If the PFC is installed where there is no non-linear load (motors equipped with soft starters, variable frequency drives, no welding machines, arc or induction melting furnaces), the harmonic filters are not required.

If there are consumers with non-linear load in the network, the capacitor unit has to be designed with harmonic filters.


Prerequisite for selecting capacitor units is resonance calculation. If calculation reveals that with the introduction of PFC unit resonance will occur on any harmonic in the network, the PFC unit must be equipped with harmonic filters.

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Parameter Description


1. Rated voltage

6/10 kV

2. Max. operating voltage

6.3/10.5 kV

3. Rated frequency

50 Hz

4. Capacitor Voltage

6/6.3/10.5 kV

5. Adjustment step

75 kVAr-30 mVAr

6. Filter Detuning

5,67%-210 Hz

7%-189 Hz

14%-134 Hz

7. Design Type

Free Standing

8. Connection

Top / Bottom

9. Degree of Protection


10. Type:


11. Adjustment

Manual / Automatic

12. Dimensions


400/600/800/1000 mm


600/800/1000 mm


2000/2200 mm

download-arrowDATA SHEET (pdf, 198 кб.)
download-arrowОпросный лист (pdf, 262 кб.)
  • Three-phase power capacitors of European and Russian manufacturers are designed for reactive power compensation. Capacitor electrodes are made of aluminium foil, dielectric is made up of polypropylene film impregnated with special solution. The capacitors have built-in discharge resistors.
  • In order to improve reliability and provide protection against fault situations additional high voltage fuses are installed in the capacitor bank cells (in line with PUE (Russian Electrical Installations Code) cl. 5.6.20).
  • Modular design permits gradual increase of the unit capacity.
  • 6 (10) kV PFC units are free standing and not included into 6(10) kV switchgears. 6 (10) kV PFC units are connected to 6(10) kV switchgears by cable via cubicle with breaker and relay protection, which significantly improves operational reliability.
  • Low weight and compact dimensions.
  • Upon request, a vacuum circuit breaker with relevant microprocessor-based relay protection device is installed in the incomer cabinet
  • Forced ventilation to keep up proper operation of capacitors

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