Electrical work

Provide a wide range of services in the field wiring and ensure timely execution of qualified employees. We use modern equipment, observe equipment safety and ensure the effective result of the cooperation.

Our specialists perform work of any complexity and carry out the installation of electrical equipment of various kinds. Experts lay cable lines with voltage up to 35kV, make installation lampposts, ensure installation commissioning of transformer substations and distribution devices. We not only design and build the electrical network, but also fix a problem on your objects.


Services "turnkey"

  • Laying of electrical wiring on residential and industrial nature
  • Designing systems of internal and external power supply
  • Work on the restoration and replacement of wiring in buildings, involving the overhaul and reconstruction of
  • Energy audit
  • Coordination of documents in all necessary instances
  • Providing the necessary materials and devices
  • Repair and maintenance of switchboard and switchboard Assembly devices
  • Installation of lampposts
  • Laying of high-voltage and low-voltage cable lines with voltage up to 35kV
  • Electrical installation and commissioning of transformer substations and switchgears

Each electrician in our company has the necessary permits and qualifications to carry out work on objects of any level of complexity.

The offered prices for electrical work is available to both private clients and commercial organizations. We value the quality of work performed, the comfort of customers, good name and reputation. We provide a high level of work and guarantee excellent results regardless of the scale of the object.

In cooperationthe number with the “ELEKOM”, you will appreciate the individual approach to each client, quality of work and their timeliness. The objects of the grid will correspond to the relevant norms and standards, as well as demonstrate a high degree of security.

Frequently asked questions

Why the need to check operation of circuit breakers?

For cables with voltage of 0.4 kV experience padded and shifted the cables before switching on and after maintenance. Test cables for voltage up to 1 kV for the balance sheet not regulated. Therefore, tests are carried out in accordance with the EMP and pteep once in 1-2 years.

For cables with voltage of 6-10kV:

  • for primary and backup cable lines that feed critical customers — once a year;
  • basic cable line — once in three years;
  • backup cable line, one every five years;

Line up to 60 m in length, which is the conclusions from transformer substations to overhead lines, may not to experience.

Could you tell me the frequency of testing of cables 0.4 kV and 6-10 kV?
How often is the measurement of insulation resistance?
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