Energy survey of the facility, providing technical reports and recommendations on introduction of energy saving technologies

Our company can carry out comprehensive daily measurements of power quality. Measurements are performed with a network analyzer, the SCE G4420 company "Elspec".

Russian certificate of conformity ROSS IL.АЮ05.В32699.

Our experience allows us to carry out full cycle of works:

  • calculation of economic efficiency from introduction of KRM;
  • the measurements of power quality in distribution networks, with a report;
  • process control and analysis (monitoring) of quality of electric energy;
  • the development of the project for implementation of the ASO with reference to the specific conditions of energy consumption;
  • supply, installation, commissioning of equipment.


In the process of measurement in the internal memory of the complex with a maximum resolution of 39 ISS records all the parameters of the electrical network:

  • linear voltage (current values, the failures, overvoltage);
  • voltage phase (current values, the failures, overvoltage);
  • the currents in phases;
  • cos φ phase;
  • active power by phases (kW);
  • reactive power by phases (kVAr);
  • power full phase (kVA);
  • harmonics voltage and current up to the 256th harmonic component for all phases;
  • network frequency;
  • THD I% distortion of the current curve;
  • U THD% distortion of the voltage waveform, etc.


These studies are necessary for further installation:

  • condensing units for reactive power compensation at the enterprise:
  • the determination of necessary power KU (kVAr) for each power transformer;
  • the choice of protective chokes for balancing capacitors;
  • harmonic filters power. To exclude the impact of harmonics generated by non-linear consumers (UPS, frequency drives, welding units).
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