Commissioning work

Measuring Electrotechnical Laboratory (IETL)& nbsp; LLC & laquo;Servicemontazhintegration» & nbsp; was established in 2006.

IETL specialists perform the following types of tests and measurements of electrical equipment of domestic and foreign (SIEMENS, Schneider, ABB, General Electric, etc.) manufacturers:

  1. Measurement of the resistance of grounding devices.
  2. Checking the circuit between the earthing devices and the grounded elements.
  3. Measurement of the touch voltage.
  4. Checking the circuit "phase-zero" in electrical installations with a voltage of up to 1 kV with the TN system.
  5. Checking of protective shutdown devices (RCD).
  6. Checking the operation of automatic circuit breakers up to 1 kV.
  7. Testing of electrical devices, secondary circuits and electrical wiring with a voltage of up to 1 kV.
  8. Testing of DC machines.
  9. Testing of AC electric motors up to 10 kV.
  10. Testing of condenser installations
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