ServiceMontazhIntegratsiya’s Electrical measurements laboratory (EML) was created in 2006.

EML has a long record of commissioning and testing of electrical equipment and relay protection and automation devices at capital construction sites, reconstruction and capital repair sites, as well as maintenance and routine testing of electrical equipment up to 220 kV in Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation and abroad:

ServiceMontazhIntegratsiya’s EML has all the required permitting documents for provision of these services. The qualifications of EML personnel is ensured by continuous technical training arranged by the self regulating organizations union (SRO) and electrical equipment manufacturers in Russia, Europe and other parts of the world.

The EML is equipped with modern instruments and testing equipment, such as: RETOM-21 test complexes (included RET-3000 and RET-DT), RETOM-30KA, RETOM-51, RETOM-61, RETOMETER, RET-TN produced by LLC NPP DYNAMICA, Cheboksary; high-voltage units UV-100-AD-50, SKAT-70; AC bridge SA-7100/3; control devices for high-voltage circuit breakers PKV-U3.0, ACTAS P6 (KOCOS); electrical energy quality analyzer PQE G4420 by Elspec; ohmmeters VITOK; microohmmeters BRIS, METREL; IS-10 resistance meters for earthing, metal connections and continuity of protective conductors; KEW-6011A, KEW-6050 multimeters, etc.

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