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SIVACON – type-tested low-voltage switchgear

Framework and Enclosure - Precisely Dimensioned and Sturdy

The framework consists of sturdy sheet steel profiles connected to each other: precisely dimensioned and sturdy SIVACON framework is available either screwed or welded together.

- continuous series of holes 25 mm apart for customized installation

- flexible door layouts for all requirements

- door opening angle up to 180°

- sprung sash lock reliably prevents unintended door opening

- roof panels with pressure relief

Surface treatment: optional powder-coated, wet-painted, galvanized


Framework and enclosure made of sheet steel with following thicknesses:

- framework: 2.5 mm

- enclosure: 2.0 mm

Degree of protection as per IEC 60529

- IP 30, IP 31, IP 40, IP41, IP 42 ventilated

- IP 40, IP 54 not ventilated

Versatile busbar system meets various requirements

The wide range of demands for busbar systems requires individual implementation options.

SIVACON offers modules for economic installation and high level of safety

- busbar position on top

- busbar system for rated currents up to 7400 A

- separation between busbar section and device section

- rated peak withstand current Ipk up to 375 kA

- user-oriented gradation of rated currents

- transport unit connection points easily accessible from above

- arc barriers for internal arcing reduction

Circuit breaker switchgear – compact, reliable and user-friendly.

The supply, feeder and coupling cubicles of the circuit-breaker design are

equipped with withdrawable or fixed-mounted 3W. circuit-breakers (ACB).

As a large number of loads are generally connected to these cubicles, particular

importance is attached to them in terms of the long-term operating reliability

and personal safety of the switchboard.

SIVACON meets these requirements with circuit-breaker design components.

Compact and Reliable

- high degree of safety due to type-tested standard modules (TTA)

- test and disconnected positions with door closed

- circuit-breaker integrated in separate compartments, each equipped with

separate doors

- optimum connection conditions for every rated current range

- cable and busbar connections from above or below

User Friendly with 3W

Siemens 3W. fixed-mounted or withdrawable circuit breakers are used for the

rated current range from 630 A to 6300 A.

This means:

- free choice of the supply direction without any restriction in term of technical data

- high short-time current-carrying capacity for time-graded short circuit protection up to 400 ms assures reliable operation of sections of the switchboard not affected by short circuit.

- short-circuit protection with short-time grading control (ZSS) for every brief delay times (50ms), irrespective of the grading level

- LCD operating current indication in the control console (without ammeters

and current transformers)

- indication and operation when the door is closed

Switching Device Compartment

- reliable travel of circuit breaker while door is closed

- a maintenance position allows direct local inspection without removal of the circuit breaker

Cable Busbar Connection Compartment

- cable of busbar connection optionally from above or below

- a rated current-dependent connection compartment offers optimum termination conditions for cable and busbar

- assembly times are shortened by optimum connection compartments

Withdrawable unit design: maximum system availability and safety

Withdrawable units for motor and cable feeders provide a high degree of operating convenience, optimal safety and maximum system availability.

Withdrawable unit design allows a quick module replacement or modernization.

Withdrawable unit compartments can be additionally supplied or replaced without disconnection of the section and without board shutdown. Withdrawable unit design offers a maximum system availability.

- high safety thanks to type-tested standard modules (TTA)

- outgoing feeders up to 250 kV

- main protection mechanism with circuit breakers or fuses

- test and disconnected position with IP 30 degree of protection

- uniform operation for all withdrawable units

- isolating gaps on supply-side and load-side

- optimum withdrawable units height from 100 mm

- cable connection compartment front- or rear-located

- optimum adaptation to changing conditions without de-energizing the switchboard

Sivacon withdrawable unit design provides safety of operation and replacement of standardized modules with the following height: 100, 150, 200,300,400,500,600,700mm

- visible withdrawable unit position (test , operational and disconnected position)

- all modules integrated interlocking

- plug-in disconnector up to 40 contacts and a busbar disconnector (optional)

- adjustable device-mounting plates for a standard front plane (module height from 200 mm)

- drive installed to facilitate easy movement of withdrawable module up to 250 A

- auxiliary equipment plug-in capability

- lockable disconnected position for maximum personnel safety

Plug-in busbar system

The plug-in busbar system is arranged at the section rear. It is test-finger proof even without additional shutter to energized parts.

- arc-resistant embedding

- 3- and 4-pole design

- test-finger proof (IP20B)

- tap openings in 25 mm module grid

Flexibility and reliability with ability to adjust to changing conditions

- easy interchangeability without switchboard shutdown.

- no need to change cabling in withdrawable module compartment

- power and control cables connection in separate compartment

- 400 and 600 mm wide cable connection compartment

Fixed-mounted design – economical, reliable and versatile

The cubicles for cable feeders in fixed mounted execution are equipped with molded-case circuit breakers or fuse-switch disconnectors (conventional or in-line), depending on requirements.

These cubicles are used for applications in which replacement under operating conditions is not necessary or where short downtimes are acceptable.

In this case, the SIVACON fixed mounted design offers cost-efficiency, safety, variety of solutions.

Modular Cable Feeders

The modular cable feeders enable efficient installation, above all whenever operation-specific changes or adaptations are necessary:

- molded-case circuit breakers or fuse- switch disconnectors can be fitted as required

- free combination of cable feeders within one cubicle

- continuously adjustable mounting plates for a standard front plane

- cable feeders with and without current measurement

- high degree of safety due to type- tested standard modules (TTA)

- any combination of modular cable feeders

- swift conversion due to lateral universal distribution busbar

- easy replacement of cable feeders after de-energizing the switchboard

- switchable in-line fuse-switch disconnectors

Cable feeders in separate compartments.

Cubicle design with circuit-breakers integrated in separate compartments offers high safety of installation and operating personnel.

- Separate compartments with separate doors for every circuit breaker

- 3VL circuit breaker or 3WL air circuit breaker

- Cubicle separation up to form 4, type 7

- Optimum conditions for cable connections in cable compartment located at the rear (as pictured) or on sides of the cubicle.

- Fixed-mounted design with in-line fuse-switch disconnectors offer cost-efficiency, safety, variability.

- The in-line fuse-switch disconnectors make for optimum packing density thanks to their compact design and their modular structure.

- Cable feeders up to 630 A with/without current measuring

- Installation of up to 25 feeders per section

- De-energized fuse replacement