LV Power Factor Correction Units (LV PFC)

Adjustable Power Factor Correction (PFC) units are designed to maintain a constant pre-set power factor (cos φ) in the electrical distribution three-phase networks of industrial enterprises and other objects with voltage up to 690V, frequency 50 Hz. KRM units provide the pre-set cos φ during the periods of maximum and minimum loads, and also exclude a mode of generation of reactive power.

In networks with excessive level of harmonic distortions and non-linear consumers exceeding 20% of total load, it is recommended to use PFC units which improve the power factor preventing increase of current and voltage harmonic component.

For networks with abruptly variable load the range of PFC’s is extended by thyristor type capacitor units for systems with static compensation of reactive power. These units are equipped with thyristor starters instead of traditional contactors and are designed for rapid compensation of loads which are sensitive to voltage swings.

For compensating constant reactive power we manufacture non-adjustable PFC units.

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Parameter Description


1. Rated voltage

0.4-0.69 kV

2. Max. operating voltage

0.44-0.72 kV

3. Rated frequency

50 Hz

4. Capacitor Voltage

400-850 V

5. Adjustment step

0.5 -60 kVAr

6. Filter Detuning

5,67%-210 Hz

7%-189 Hz

14%-134 Hz

7. Design Type

Free Standing

Part of Switchboard

8. Connection

Top / Bottom

9. Degree of Protection


10. Type:


11. Adjustment

Manual / Automatic

12. Dimensions


400; 600; 800; 1000 mm


600; 800; 1000 mm


2000; 2200 mm

download-arrowDATA SHEET (pdf, 198 кб.)
download-arrowОпросный лист (pdf, 262 кб.)
  • Modular design principle - enables gradual increase of rated capacity
  • Accurate adjustment of cos φ (minimum step starting from 1 kVAr)
  • Specialized contactors, with early closing contacts and current-limiting resistors which increase service life of contactors and capacitors;
  • Capacitors capable of self-repair after breakdown of insulating layer;
  • Specialized controllers for automatic adjustment of cos φ with protection against harmonic distortions;
  • High breaking capacity fuses, connected to busbar system;
  • Compact and light-weight;
  • PFC units can be customized to client dimensions

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