Soft Starters (SS)

Soft starter manufactured by SMI is a powerful and reliable solution for starting medium voltage motors. SMI soft starter combines advanced soft start and soft stop functions with extensive motor and system protection, as well as a user-friendly interface and complete commissioning diagnostics.

With advanced personal safety features, an easy-to-use graphical interface and comprehensive built-in motor/load protection, this soft starter is a balanced solution for a wide range of medium voltage applications.
SMI soft starter is delivered as complete cubicle, which reduces the time for installation, commissioning and start up.

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Network Voltage

10 kV

Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50 microseconds).


Power frequency withstand voltage


Network frequency

50/60 Hz

Rated current

From 75 to 540 A

Thermal current

31.5 kA

Electrodynamic current

81 kA

Degree of Protection

IP 31

Climatic category

UHL 3 (УХЛ 3)



Internal short-circuit arc classification


Partition class


Loss of service continuity category


Weight per cubicle

1200 kg

Dimensions, WxDxH

1000х1360х2200 mm

Conformity to standards


Power module of Soft Starter

MVE (AuCom)

MVE Multilingual Controller. ANSI protections

48, 66, 37, 51L, 51R, 50, 49/51, 46, 27, 59, 47, 50G, 85, 94/95, 23, 49, 32.

download-arrowDATA SHEET (pdf, 151 кб.)
download-arrowОпросный лист (pdf, 396 кб.)
  • Various start/stop techniques makes it possible to us SMI soft starters in various fields of application.
  • Large range of protection functions implemented in the MVE Multilingual Controller provides complete motor protection.
  • Ease of use and communication with the MVE Multilingual Controller's multilingual graphic display.
  • Motor protection in direct start mode via bypass.
  • Possibility to test the soft starter on site with a low voltage motor before connecting the medium voltage motor.
  • Real-time graphs clearly illustrate motor operation.
  • Detailed event log. 99-entry event log records operation and performance data with timestamps, which facilitates monitoring of motor operation.
  • The 8-entry trip log contains trip statuses and operating parameters at time of trip, including the following:

- Phase currents and voltages

- Network frequency

- Soft Starter status

- Time and date

  • 100% galvanic isolation. Soft starter control panel is installed in the low voltage compartment of the cubicle. Power section is connected by fibre optic cables through an interface board, eliminating the need for copper wiring and providing complete galvanic isolation of low voltage compartment from the medium voltage power section.

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